10 Minute Quickstart

This short guide will walk you through setting up a single Point of Sales terminal, ready for use in a retail scenario, and making the first sale and report.  It shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to speed through, maybe a little longer if it's your first time configuring a KoalaBrain system.

The following items will be configured
  • A receipt printer

  • A document printer

  • Your company details for display on receipts and invoices

  • A single tax rate (VAT, GST or your local equivalent)

  • Two users

    • An admin, with full access to administration and reporting

    • A shopkeep user, who can only make sales

  • Touch sales screen with a category to populate the default settings

  • A backup drive containing a backup of your KoalaBrain data

What you'll need
  • A Windows 10 computer connected to your network and the internet

  • The latest version of KoalaBrain downloaded from koalabrain.com

  • A receipt printer plugged into your network and configured with a static IP address

  • A document/regular A4 printer installed and configured on your computer

  • A USB stick (16GB or larger recommended) plugged into your computer for storing backups

  • A KoalaBrain software license (or free trial) purchased from koalabrain.com

Hardware configuration

Receipt printers, document printers, and routers all have different configuration interfaces.  Because of this we can't provide generalised instructions on how to configure and install these devices.  You will need to consult the user manuals for your devices or seek technical assistance.

Setting Up KoalaBrain

  • On Windows 10, double click on the installation package.  KoalaBrain will automatically install and place a shortcut on the desktop.  The application will open automatically once installation is complete

    • If Windows SmartScreen prevents the installer from running, click 'More Info', then click 'Run Anyway'

    • This issue usually occurs when SmartScreen doesn't recognise the latest version of the KoalaBrain installer and is usually resolved a few days after release when the installer has been recognised as safe

smartscreen1.png smartscreen2.png

Purchasing a License
  • Go to online.koalabrain.com and sign up / log in.  If you're signing up, you'll be emailed a link to verify your account - you won't be able to log in until you've verified your account

  • Click on the 'App Licenses' button to view the licensing screen, then click 'Purchase License'

    • You'll then be presented with the License creation screen.


  • Enter your name, and leave the client count at 1 - you'll only be using one terminal

  • Set the License duration - the license will expire after this period of time - and submit the form

    • You'll then be shown confirmation of your license details

    • If payment is required a payment form will display

    • The pricing in the below screenshot is subject to change


  • Once done, your license will be displayed. Keep the window open – you’ll need it in the next steps

  • Once KoalaBrain has installed and launched you will be presented with the setup screen

  • Click 'Continue' - no further action is required here for this setup


  • You will then be prompted to set up the database. Click 'Update and Restart' to begin this process

    • A loading animation will display while database setup occurs


  • The license screen will now be displayed

    • Copy and paste the license you generated in the ‘Purchasing A License’ step, including the ====BEGIN LICENSE==== and ====END LICENSE====, then click 'Apply License and Restart' to complete the setup process


  • The application will now launch allowing you to create the first user, which is always called 'defaultadmin'

    • Click on the orange banner at the top of the screen to set the password for this user


Configuration and Options

Logging In
  • Log in as the 'defaultadmin' user with the password you set in the previous step to access the main menu


  • Go to the Configuration screen


  • We will be entering your business details, so that the correct details are displayed on receipts, and the application displays the right currency data

  • On the INFO tab, fill out your business' details

    • Additional info can be added to the headers and footers if there is no field for it

  • Fill out the details on the TAX tab

    • Your currency is required

    • If you have a business number or government Tax ID which must be legally displayed on receipts and invoices, it can be entered here

  • Go to the BACKUP tab and click 'Set Backup Path'

    • Navigate to the USB drive you have connected to your computer and create a folder called 'KoalaBrain Backups'

    • Select this folder

    • KoalaBrain Backups will now be stored on this drive

  • Click on the 'Save’ button in the top right of the screen to save all configuration changes

  • Click 'Home' in the menu bar to return to the main menu

  • Go to the Printers screen


  • We will be adding a receipt printer and a document printer, and assigning them as the default printers for your system

  • Click 'New Printer', and enter the Name as 'Receipt'

    • Select 'Receipt' for the Printer Type

    • Default settings will be populated and should be appropriate for most generic 80mm ESCPOS receipt printers

    • Save the receipt printer

  • Click 'New Printer' again, and enter the Name as 'Document'

    • Select 'Document' for the Printer Type, and then select the A4 printer installed on your computer from the dropdown list that appears

    • Save the document printer

  • Click 'Home' in the menu bar to return to the main menu

  • Go to the Terminals screen


  • Click on the 'Main POS' entry (that's the computer you're currently using KoalaBrain on)

    • Click 'Edit' in the sidebar to the right

    • Under 'Default Receipt Printer' select 'Receipt', under 'Default Document Printer' select 'Document' - these are the names of the two printers you just configured in the Printers screen

  • Click 'Home' in the menu bar to return to the main menu

  • Go to the Tax Classes screen


  • We will be adding a Tax Class which contains a tax which is included in the price entered during a sale

    • Tax classes can contain multiple tax rates (e.g. state and federal taxes) but in this case they will only contain one

  • Click 'New Tax Class'

    • Enter the name of your local sales tax, e.g. if you're in the UK, enter the name 'VAT Included', if in Australia, enter 'GST Included'

    • Click 'Add Tax Rate'

    • Enter the Tax Rate name 'VAT' or 'GST' depending on your location as above

    • Check the 'Tax Included' option

    • Click 'Save Tax Class'

  • Click 'Home' in the menu bar to return to the main menu

  • Go to the Categories screen


  • We will be creating a category which will hold the defaults for sales created through the Touch Sales interface

  • Click 'New Category'

    • Enter the name 'General Sales'

    • Check 'Hide On Purchases'- This category is for sales only

    • Type the name of the Tax Class you created in the previous step into the 'Tax Class' box and select the search result


  • Click 'Save Category'

  • Click 'Home' in the menu bar to return to the main menu

Touch Sale
  • Return to the Configuration screen

  • Click on the TOUCH SALE tab

  • Under 'Default product category' enter the name of the category you created in the previous step, and select the found result

  • Click 'Home' in the menu bar to return to the main menu

  • Go to the Users screen


  • We will be creating a user who has permission only to make sales

    • This user is for employees who don't need to access reporting or configuration functions

  • Click 'New User'

  • Enter the Name 'Shopkeep' and username 'shopkeep'

  • Enter and confirm a sensible password with a minimum of 5 characters

  • Click 'Save User'

  • Click on the newly created user in the list

  • Click on 'Permissions' in the sidebar

  • Select the following permissions: 'Allow User Login', 'Manage Touch Sales'

  • Click 'Apply Permissions'

  • Click 'Logout' in the menu bar to return to the login screen - you're done configuring!

Making the First Sale and viewing the resulting report

Logging in
  • Log in as the newly created 'shopkeep' user with the password you specified in the previous step

  • As this user only has log in and touch sale permissions, the main menu will be skipped, and you will be taken straight to the touch sale screen as a convenience

Making the sale


  • Opening the touch sale screen will create a blank sale ready for you to populate with sale items

  • On the touch sale screen, enter the product quantity, name, price and an optional cost

  • Click 'Add' to add this sale item to the sale

    • It will appear in the dark blue summary box to the left

  • Continue adding items as required by repeating the above

    • The sale items will have been created in the 'General Sales' category you created and set as the touch sale default, and will have tax applied according to the Tax Class you assigned to that category

  • When you're done adding items, click on the 'Complete' button

  • Click on the 'Cash' payment method to select it

  • Enter an optional amount tendered if you want to calculate the change due

  • Click 'Complete Sale' to save and process the sale

  • A receipt will be printed for the customer and the transaction will be complete

Viewing the report generated by your new sales data
  • Logout as the 'shopkeep' user and log back in as 'defaultadmin'

  • Go to the 'Easy Reports' screen


  • You're now viewing the Sales report for the past month

  • Use the dropdowns to view other reports and change the reporting date range

  • Click 'Print Report' to print the report currently being viewed to the document printer you set up in previous steps


You're done! Welcome to KoalaBrain EPOS :)