About UUIDs

  • UUID stands for Universally Unique Identifier - you may see references to them across the application or in data exports, or printed on receipts
  • They look like 75256965-3f61-470f-85db-21a13af3be37 - with different characters of course
  • This means it's a completely unique set of characters that can be used to differentiate something from something else.  E.g. a sale row know's which sale it belongs to as it looks up the sale UUID recorded with it
  • KoalaBrain attaches a UUID to all items stored in it's database, including Users, Sales, Products etc
  • They look complicated but they aren't - just think of them as really long invoice numbers, or like your drivers license or passport number
  • Many items can be searched for by their UUID - even searching for the last 4 or 5 characters will often be enough to quickly look up a Sale