Allowing API access from outside your local network

  • If you require that your API be accessible from outside your network you have two options - 
    • Port forwarding on your router to the local backend port of your KoalaBrain main terminal
    • A tunnelling service such as to the same
  • KoalaBrain uses a different self-signed certificate for HTTPS each time it boots.  If the service you are connecting to KoalaBrain does not play nicely with this, you can forward the Insecure Local Backend Port as set in Setup and displayed in the Info screen.  For security, by default this port will only accept requests from localhost/ and you'll have to arrange your own additional port forward to expose it from the local machine.
  • We do not currently provide our own external port exposure service - this is something that should be implemented securely on your network with firewall and security measures that suit you.
  • Port and API Key info are available in the Environment Summary at the top of the Info screen