BYO Support, Training & Support Providers

When something goes wrong, the first on-site help is your own tech support, who then have to contact your EPOS provider and wait for their response.  This is an unnecessary step which wastes time in getting a business back up and running.

Rather than forcing the use of a specific support service, or locking customers into support and maintenance contracts, your own in house IT department or local IT shop can find all of the information required to deploy, maintain and update the KoalaBrain system right here in these documents.  

This allows you to pay for the level of service your want, and have someone local and on-site at your business to help out when you need it, wherever you are.  As a result of this bespoke support structure, KoalaBrain does not provide direct technical support, or help desk assistance.

Looking for Support?

If you're looking for a Tech Support provider, The Big List of Tech Support may have listings in your area.  If it does not, get it contact with them and they may be able to help out!

Demonstrations & Training

If you'd like on-site training or a demonstration for your organisation from one of the KoalaBrain developers, please enquire at for availability.  On-site training is available in the United Kingdom, and remote demonstrations are available to customers internationally.

If you or your IT department requires any information not included in these documents, or just wants to have a chat to find out more, feel free to have them contact us.