CMS & Website Content

  • KoalaBrain Online CMS & Website Content provides a minimalist control panel for managing content on a website.  It is designed for users that don't need a full fat CMS, saving time and money on development of these features.  The Embed Codes provided can be pasted into existing templates, allowing cheap and simply managed websites to be created and supplied to customers.  For example, KoalaBrain Online CMS & Website Content can be combined with free templates from to quickly create simple landing pages for businesses.
  • Once a CMS is created, it's contents including text fields an a small posts list (blog) can be edited using the Manage button
  • Once a CMS is created, its Fields and Posts can be embedded into any webpage by copying their Embed Code into the HTML source of your website.
  • Fields represent single, editable portions of your site, for example your cafe's menu specials, or your opening hours.
  • They display inline with no additional content added.
  • When embedded, Posts will display the 5 most recent posts, as well as pagination and navigation buttons below them.  These can be styled using external styles in a <style> tag in the website header.