Configuration Transfer


  • Imports or exports data for quickly copying your configuration to another system
  • The export file must have the file extension kbconfig or json for import to be allowed
  • The order of the items inside the export file is important and should not be modified
Exported Data
  • Bank Accounts
  • Categories
  • Configuration Options
  • Contacts (Optional)
  • Discounts
  • Payment Methods
  • Products (Optional)
  • Selectables
  • Tax Classes/Tax Rates

KoalaBrain Online and Email Alert Configuration will not be exported or imported to keep your authorization keys for those secure.

Default touch sale category will also not be exported or imported.

Note that the default 'Cash' Payment method is exported, so you may want to check there aren't two of them after an import if you are working from a fresh database with the default 'Cash' payment method already present.