Directly Accessing the Sqlite Databases

Editing In the Database
  • We do not support, recommend, or suggest editing any production or in-use data directly in the sqlite databases
  • Please use the API instead, it supports all the same tasks
  • However, if you are for some reason (again - don't do it) manipulating the sqlite data directly, be aware of the following
    • There is no validation - some values will be checked to ensure they aren't null, and some relationships will be enforced, but otherwise you're on your own to provide valid data
    • File conflicts - editing the database while the application is running may result in conflicts when the application tries to lock and write to the database
    • Missing fields - some fields will not be automatically populated with valid uuids, and sale/purchase statuses won't be automatically calculated based on their payments - basically your data will get messed up unless you are very careful
    • Don't do it.
Reading From the Database
  • The KoalaBrain database is in the SQLite format, and can be browsed with any SQLite compatible database software
  • We recommend¬†
  • All times are stored in UTC in the database. ¬†Koalabrain converts them on the fly when reading from the database.
  • Sqlite browser can be used to export raw database data for other purposes