• Discounts are managed from the Discounts page.  They can be assigned to Products and Categories from the Products and Categories pages, or applied while creating a Sale
  • When assigned to Products and Categories, they will be automatically applied when adding that product or an item from that category to a or Sale
  • After setting the Name of a discount the discount Type can be set
  • Fixed discounts are a fixed currency amount, e.g. $2 off
  • Percentage discounts are calculated from the price of the item being sold, e.g. %5 off an item costing $5 is a $0.25 discount
Smart Discount
  • The 'Smart Discount' function, displayed as a button in both Sales and Touch Sales, will allow you to enter a currency amount. 
  • The sale total will then be modified by adding discounts to each item so that the total for the sale reaches as close as possible to the entered amount
  • For example, a customer is at your till and has $21.25 of items, but only a $20 note.  Smart Discount allows you to bring the sale total down to $20 without having to do any fiddly changing of item prices.