Effective Reporting Items

For the purpose of calculating float and bank balance values, and defining which records should be included in our predefined or Easy Reports, some values need to be omitted.  Those that are included we consider to be 'Effective'

  • Values included in reconciliation, float, banking and easy report calculations are considered 'Effective'
  • 'Effective' scopes do not apply to VBA reports, which must be filtered manually
  • Our VBA helper library includes functions to filter out records which are not Effective

The following items are considered Effective for reporting purposes

  • Sales 
    • Reversed Sales are not effective, however their payments remain effective along with associated refund expenses so that cash flow is tracked.
    • Only Complete Sales are effective
    • Overpaid ARE effective for the full paid amount
    • Pro-Forma Sales are NEVER considered complete and thus not effective
  • Payments
    • Reversed are not effective
    • Credits, and used credit are not effective and do not contribute to balances, but will appear on the credit EasyReport
  • Purchases
    • Reversed are not effective
    • Only complete Purchases are effective
    • Pro-Forma Purchases are NEVER considered complete and thus not effective
  • Expenses
    • Reversed are not effective
    • Refund expenses are effective
  • Float Adjustments
    • All effective
  • Bank Adjustments
    • All effective
  • Stock Adjustments
    • All effective
  • Clock In/Outs
    • All effective 
  • Transfers
    • All effective

When reporting on data in a date range, records are included by Payment/Expense date, not the date of the creation of the record.  Sales/Purchases are included by their completion date, not their sale/purchase date.

Clock In/Out durations in timekeeping are included in VBA and easy reports by their Clock Out Time only