Email Alerts

  • Configure the settings which will be used to send email alerts from the KoalaBrain desktop application to your customers (ie. Emailed Invoices/Receipts)
  • By default, you can set the From Address and From Name - both of these must be set for email alerts to function.


  • If you have your own SMTP server for sending email, we strongly suggest using it to increase the deliverability of your emails, making sure they don't inadvertently land in the customers spam folder


  • If you are not familiar with SMTP configuration, it is advised to leave it disabled
  • Emails not sent via SMTP will all come from the domain, with your elected 'From Address' as the Reply To address.  This is done to reduce the risk of mail being flagged as spam.  SMTP mail will be received by the customer as if you had sent it from the 'From Address' you have configured.