eReceipts (Online Sales Receipts to Customer Phone)

  • With a KoalaBrain Online subscription, you will have access to eReceipts functionality
  • This will generate a scannable QR code that the customer can scan with their phone to receive a receipt for the sale
  • A prompt to generate an eReceipt can be automatically displayed by setting the relevant Configuration option
  • eReceipts are available online for 7 days from the data the code is generated, and are at that point deleted perminantly
  • eReceipts do contain Contact details, so that personally identifiable customer information is not stored online.  If you include any information in sale fields that may identify the customer, you must obtain their consent first and ensure you are compliant with local laws on transmitting and transferring customer information
  • If you wish to use eReceipts in the Touch Sale screen, ensure that automatic prompting is enabled.
  • If a Widget is configured via KoalaBrain Online, the QR code for the e-receipt can be displayed on a customer-facing signage display
  • 'Redisplay last eReceipt' button will display the last shown e-receipt again, in case the customer was a bit slow with their phone.  This button can be found in the 'Recall Order' Modal in the Touch Sales screen.