• The following objects have their edit history tracked
    • Contact
    • Payment
    • Expense
    • Stock Adjustment
    • Float Adjustment
    • Bank Adjustment
    • Sale 
    • Purchase
  • When a change is made, a record of the change and the user who made the change is recorded
  • This is all displayed in the History tab of the affected entries in the preview panel


  • Clicking on the Show History button will show the details of each revision.


Clearing the History
  • If you wish to clear the revision history of all items in your database, delete the KoalaBrainHistory.sqlite file from the KoalaBrain data folder in your home directory.  
Viewing the History for Items which have been Deleted


History and Software Updates
  • Some information may be dropped from the history during a software update if the database schema is changed and the history requires reformatting. 
  • If the history file is deleted it will be recreated when the application next launches