• KoalaBrain requires a valid license to function.  License are offered for a time period and for a number of active terminals.  If the current date falls outside of the licensed date range the application will not start.  If the licensed number of terminals is exceeded, additional terminals must be disabled.
  • If the number of terminals is exceed all but the host will be disabled.  Terminals can then be re-enabled up to the licensed amount
  • If a license infraction occurs and the license needs to be re-entered, the application will restart on the server and the license prompt will be displayed.
  • Licenses can be purchased and managed at
  • A license is only valid on the computer it was first used on, and cannot be re-used.  License activations are recorded on our servers to prevent key re-use.
  • Once a license has been entered into the desktop application, it cannot be used again on another machine.  It is advised that once the license is entered you do not delete the KoalaBrain directories on your computer, as this will also remove the data linking the license to the machine and you will not be able to reactivate if necessary.
  • For emergencies, or If you only need a license to retrieve data from a previous in-use system, 5 day trial licenses are also issued from at no charge.