Manage Floats


  • Each Terminal has a calculated Float value assigned to it, which is defined by the transactions going in and out of it, and whether those transactions use a Payment Method which affects the Terminals Float
  • Before any action can be taken on the Float panel, a Terminal must be selected from the Change Terminal menu
  • The current balance of the float for this Terminal will be displayed once a selection is made
  • Float Adjustments can be created to initialise or modify the float balance
  • The available Reasons for a Float Adjustment can be modified using Selectables 
  • Transfers To will show a list of all transfers into the selected Float
  • Transfers From will should a list of all transfers out of the selected Float, and allow you to create a new Transfer - see the documentation for transfers for more info.
  • Negative Float Adjustments are allowed - to enter a negative adjustment, enter the adjustment Amount followed by the - key