Payment Methods


Payment Methods are self explanatory in name - methods you accept or spend money when creating Payments and Expenses.  Below is a summary of the fields available when modifying Payment Methods, and their purpose.

  • Surcharge Type
    • Fixed surcharges are a fixed currency amount, eg. $2 added to the total each time a payment using this method is made
    • Percentage surcharges are calculated from the amount of the payment made using this method, e.g. %5 surcharge of a $5 payment is $0.25
    • If there is no surcharge, it must be set to 0
  • Be aware! Surcharges are not applied to purchases or expenses, purchase totalling functions will ignore them!
  • Open Cash Drawer defines whether the cash drawer will be opened via the Default Receipt Printer for Terminal in use when a receipt involving this Payment Method is printed
  • Affect Float defines whether Payments or Expenses made using this Payment Method affect the total value of the Float for the Terminal in use
  • Affect Bank defines whether Payments or Expenses made using the Payment Method affect the total value of the Bank Account selected.  A Bank Account must be selected from the Search Bank Accounts autocomplete field below the Affect Bank toggle
  • Hide on Sales / Hide on Purchases will hide the Payment Method on the Sales and Purchases panels, as well as for Payments and Expenses
  • In the predefined 'Easy Reports', customer payments to create credit appears with the line 'FOR CREDIT' - we recommend making sure that if you have a Credit Card payment method it's named as such, rather than just calling it 'Credit' or similar, to avoid confusion