• The Payments panel displays all Payments, both entered in the panel itself and those entered for Sales
  • New Payments can be entered.  They are not attached to the sale of any item but simply be treated as an incoming amount, affecting the Float or Bank Account as defined by the Payment Method
  • The Reason drop-down field visible when modifying a Payment can be populated using Selectables
  • The Payment Method details used is stored verbatim at the time the Payment is entered.  Modifying the Payment Method after a Payment is entered will not be reflected on the existing Payment
  • The same applies for the Contact assigned to the payment, if any
  • Payments from Sales are noted in the Sale Payment column
  • Sale Payments, when modified, will affect the related Sale.  If by the modification of a Payment, the total amount paid for a Sale falls below it's total, it will be marked as Unpaid and Incomplete
  • Entering a Payment Amount which would bring the amount paid for a Sale above it's total price will result in an error.
  • When viewing the raw data in the sqlite database, the Payment Amount is always equal to the amount paid + the surcharge incurred by the payment method
  • A payment created to reverse an expense cannot be reversed
  • A Payment marked as a Credit must have an assigned Contact
  • Payments created from a Credit never have surcharges
  • A Payment Method is always required unless the Payment is created from a Credit
  • Credits do not count towards any report or float or bank calculations
  • Payments created from Credits do count towards reports and float/bank calculations - ie. Unused credit is not included in predefined reports
  • Credit cannot be reversed
  • Used credit can be reversed, but no refund expense is created as no money is being returned to the customer
  • Credits cannot be deleted - the payment made to create the credit must be deleted to prevent orphaned credit with no associated payment
  • Deleting a payment for a credit will delete the credit and any used credit
  • When reversing a payment for a credit, the associated credit and any used credit will also be reversed
  • A standalone payment cannot be created from credit - credit must be used as payment for a Sale
  • Transfers can be created directly from a Payment using the Transfers tab in the preview panel on the right hand side of the screen while a Payment is selected in the list.  This will move the payment from it's current Bank Account or Float to another.
  • Credit cannot be transferred
  • See the Transfers page for more details

See the Default Behaviours document for information on fields which are automatically set and unset, and the effect deleting items will have on other related items.