• Reconciliations allows you to view and compare the total amounts passed using different Payment Methods
  • An example use of this is comparing the total value of transactions as displayed on your credit card handset with those recorded by KoalaBrain to ensure all transactions are accounted for
  • Before any action can be taken on the Reconciliations panel, a Terminal must be selected from the Change Terminal menu
  • A reconciliation time frame must be set using Reconciliation From and Reconciliation To along with the the Payment Method to reconcile
  • The Remote Amount refers to the amount displayed outside of KoalaBrain, the value you wish to compare against KoalaBrains calculated total.  E.g. the total amount displayed on your credit card handset after the close of trade
  • The Local Amount displayed later will refer to the amount calculated locally, ie the amount as calculated by KoalaBrain
  • Once all details and entered, clicking Calculated and Save Reconciliation will save, calculate and display the calculated Reconciliation
  • The Discrepancy will be the difference between the Local Amount and Remote Amount, if any
  • The Reconciliation can be viewed as it is saved in the right hand preview panel in the Reconciliations panel at any time by clicking on the list item
  • Reconciliations cannot be edited once created, however if you have altered transactions for the period covered by the Reconciliation, you can Recalculate it using the button in the preview panel
  • By Default, Reconciliation From will default to midnight of the current date, and Reconciliation To will default to the current date/time
  • Reconciliations will included all effective refunds and payments for the specified payment method in its calculation