• Selectables are custom drop down menu options you can set up for various forms in the application
  • When modifying a Selectable, the Label is the text which will be displayed in the menu list item, and the Value is the value as it will be stored in the database, and as it would appear in any reporting, and used in any macros
  • The Show On field is which selection field and form the selectable will appear in
  • For example, you may accept drivers licenses, passports and pensioner cards as ID types for customers supplying identification.  You could then enter these values and set Show On to Edit Contact ID Type, and these options would then appear in the ID Type dropdown when modifying items in the Contacts panel


  • Selectables can be set up for the following fields
    • Stock Adjustment reason
    • Bank Adjustment reason
    • Float Adjustment reason
    • Edit Purchase reason
    • Transfer reason
    • Transfer method
    • Edit Payment reason
    • Edit Expense Reason
    • Edit Contact ID type
    • Touch Sale delivery address