• KoalaBrain Online Signage allows you to set up and configure digital signage.
  • Each signage item represents a slide in a slideshow that will display on this signage.
  • Once a signage item has been created, others can be assigned to it by setting their Assigned Group to the item.  
  • Playing that item will also play the other items assigned to it in succession according to their Sort Order.  Each slide will display for the number of seconds defined in Display Duration on the first signage item.
Displaying Signage on a Screen
  • Simply plug an internet capable device into the screen you wish to use as signage and navigate to the Url of the signage item you wish to play.
  • The signage item will play, and be automatically updated with changes you make in KoalaBrain Online within a few minutes of the change being made.
  • chilipi-kiosk provides a simple raspberry pi based solution which automatically boots and opens a given webpage, making it ideal for use as a signage controller.
  • Other options could include: A smart TV, ChromeCast, or reusing an old laptop or iMac as a display with the browser set to full screen.
  • Once configured, a signage device can be set up as a widget
  • Widgets are assigned to a terminal and can accept content to display directly from that terminal - currently QR Codes for eReceipts
  • For a widget to function the URL of the main terminal POS hosting the KoalaBrain Backend must be entered into the 'Signage/Group Widget Controller URL' field in KoalaBrain Online, and the main terminal must have it's firewall allowing traffic to and from KoalaBrain running on it.
  • Once this is done, the widget should appear in the 'eReceipt Display Widget' dropdown when editing a terminal in the Terminals Screen in the KoalaBrain desktop application.  Once assigned to a terminal, when an eReceipt is generated in the sales screen, the QR code for it will flash up on the signage for the customer to scan
  • Be aware that if the widget is not online, it will not appear in the above mentioned dropdown and may be removed if saving the terminal.
  • If you aren't using a prebuilt signage image for a Raspberry pi, you will need to make sure that the browser being used on the signage/widget is set to allow self-signed SSL certificates, or the widget will not receive data from the KoalaBrain desktop Application
What Do Widgets Display?
  • The amount the customer needs to pay at Sale completion
  • QR Codes which can be scanned to receive electronic receipts on a mobile device
  • If the customer's device is unable to scan codes, the business name, Sale Short ID, Business Name and the current time are included next to the QR code.  The customer can still photograph this information for later sale retrieval, if they do not require a tax invoice.

Go Paperless!

It's possible to go paperless (or less-paper) with KoalaBrain, simply do the following to minimise the use of paper.

  • Disable automatic printing of receipts in the Configuration screen
  • Enable eReceipts in the Configuration screen
  • That's it! You can still define your paper receipt print rules, and they will run when the receipt button is pressed manually




Troubleshooting Signage (Advanced)
  • Once the signage page has loaded, it should not unload if a refresh fails
  • Refresh and data load errors will fail silently to avoid visible errors on the screen
  • Due to this, to diagnose errors, you will need to use your browser's developer tools and request logs.
  • An automated daily reboot of signage devices is recommented.  The KoalaBrain signage scripts prompt for a recommended 3AM reboot of signs.