Software Suggestions

Here are a few suggestions for software and services to use alongside KoalaBrain.

  • MalwareBytes - Free Antivirus for Windows
  • FreeFileSync - Synchronise files between folders or computers.  Useful for transferring backups automatically.
  • SplashTop - Remote access software - a cheaper alternative to Logmein and TeamViewer
  • Firefox with uBlock Origin - Free web browser and ad blocker.
  • Viscosity - OpenVPN client for Windows. Easy to use, good for establishing connections to remote networks for remote access or file transfer.
  • TightVNC  - Free remote access for windows.
  • KeePass 2 - Free password vaults to keep your credentials secure
  • Microsoft Office 365  - Email and Microsoft Office software for a monthly subscription fee
  • Onedrive - Free or included with Office 365.  A good place to backup your data.
  • NordVPN - Secure your internet connection from snooping.
  • SumatraPDF - Free light-weight alternative to Adobe PDF reader

We strongly recommend Macrium Workstation for your backup and recovery needs


Many of the above can be quickly installed at