System Requirements


  • 64 bit computer with at least 2GB of RAM running Windows 10
  • KoalaBrain requires AT LEAST 4GB of free disk space to run
  • Minimum 1024x768 resolution monitor. 1280×720 is recommended.
  • To give you an idea of a recommended minimum hardware specification, we do all of our testing on a Lenovo Yoga 310 with 64GB storage prior to releasing a build, to ensure the software is responsive on a low cost, low specification computer.
  • A folder called KoalaBrain will be created in your user home directory.  The application must be left to manage this directory on its own without interference.  You should not modify the contents of this directory as files may be overwritten by the application.
  • If running on multiple linked computers, they must all be running matching versions.  Data corruption or malfunction may result if versions are mixed.
  • KoalaBrain is compatible with ethernet connected ESCPOS receipt printers with an IPV4 IP Address on the same network as the computer hosting the application. USB / Parallel / Serial receipt printers are not supported.
    • An 80mm width receipt printer and A4 document printer are recommended
  • A 720p webcam is the minimum requirement for scanning barcodes on printed documents, a 1080p camera is recommended for reading small barcodes on receipts
  • "Keyboard Emulating" infrared barcode scanners are also compatible
  • Regular printers which are supported by your Operating system will be compatible.
  • KoalaBrain should only be installed for a single user on a computer.  Logging in as a different system user will result in a separate database and require an additional license. 
  • We recommend having backup up and running to avoid data loss - see for backing up on Windows 10