Terminals & Printers



Document Printers
  • Document printers are your standard printers that you usually use to print documents.  KoalaBrain can use any printer installed on your computer (e.g. on Windows, any printer appearing in 'Devices and Printers') to print invoices directly.
  • After setting the Name and selecting the Document Printer Type, you will be able to select from the printers installed on your system from the dropdown and add the printer to the system.
Receipt Printers
  • Receipt printers are network connected, ESCPOS compatible printers.  USB printers are not supported.
  • After setting the Name and selecting the Receipt Printer Type, you will be presented with the options to configure your receipt printer,.
  • Set the IPv4 address of the receipt printer in Receipt Printer Location (IP Address).  The printer must be on the same network and subnet as the computer hosting KoalaBrain.  
  • Set the Receipt Max Character Width, Cash Drawer Release Pin, and Receipt Printer Encoding Type according to your printer documentation.  If these are not set, sensible defaults will be used for an 80mm receipt printer.
  • The chosen Receipt Printer Encoding Type must be supported by both the device and the encodings listed here
  • Once a printer is added, it will need to be set for use by your POS terminals in the Terminals panel.
  • Tip: Enter the Receipt Printer Encoding Type value 437 if you require the Pound Sterling or Euro symbols to be printed. If you use a dollar currency, the default encoding is fine.
  • Optionally, a Port can be set if your receipt printer uses a non standard port.  Leaving this option blank will use the default of 9100
  • Enabling barcodes for printers with a paper width less than 80mm is not recommended, and may cause issues as they lack the space required to print a barcode.



Main POS
  • The computer/POS device hosting KoalaBrain will always appear as Main POS in the Terminals panel.  It cannot be deleted, and always refers to the device hosting the active KoalaBrain database and backend.  If you have only one till, it's the one you're using.  If you are using multiple tills, it's probably the first one you configured to host the other systems.  It can be renamed if required.
Managing Terminals
  • "Terminal" refers to each device running the KoalaBrain software - as a server or client.  
  • Terminal Pos UUID is the unique identifier for each POS system, and is used to both identify the specific instance of KoalaBrain running on the system, and identify data produced from that system. 
  • Other kinds of devices may get these IDs in future (eg. signage, self service devices), but for now they only refer to a terminal.
  • When editing and creating Terminals, the Default Receipt Printer and Default Document Printer for each system can be set separately.  Receipts printed when a sale or purchase is made will be printed to the printer set here.
  • A widget for displaying eReceipt QR codes can also be assigned to the terminal - see the Signage documentation for KoalaBrain Online
  • Terminals will appear on the terminal screen once an attempt has been made to connect from one using a valid user.  These terminal requests are created automatically and just need to be enabled to grant that terminal access to the system.  This is the recommended way to add a terminal to a networked system.
  • To manually authorise a terminal for use on the system, you will need to copy it's POS_UUID value from the .env file on that terminal into the Terminal UUID field.  This is not the recommended way to add a terminal to a networked system.
  • Terminals are not Enabled by default, and only the licensed number of terminals can be enabled.  Terminals must be enabled to be used.
  • Until a terminal is enabled, users will not be able to log in from it and will get an alert stating that the terminal is disabled