Touch Sale and Touch Terminal Usage


  • TouchSale combines a subset of the functions from the Sales page, presented in a way optimised for touch screen usage.
  • Categories and Products populate the left side of the screen for quick adding to the Sale
  • If Predefined products only is enabled in Configuration, only pre-existing Products can be added to the sale
  • If Predefined products only is disabled, an additional form is displayed above product navigation for entering products manually.  The default name for these can be set in Configuration using the Default product name field
  • If you wish to lock category navigation in TouchSale to a category and it's child categories and products, set the Default Product Category in Configuration
  • Cancel
    • Resets the whole TouchSale page and any added items. Any Sale recalled using Recall Order will be cleared also.
  • Recall Order
    • Find and load an incomplete Sale into TouchSale - it can then be completed or modified
    • E.g. An Sale has been created by using the below Order function, but not fulfilled or paid, it can be recalled to complete it
  • Order
    • Save the current contents of TouchSale as an unpaid and undispatched Sale - Payment will not be accepted and delivery information can be added if needed
    • It can then be recalled using the above Recall Order function later to complete it
  • Complete
    • Accept a Payment for the outstanding amount, mark as complete and/or dispatched, completing the Sale
  • Sales created with TouchSale can be managed from the Sales page if additional information or alterations are required
Other Touch Usage
  • All of KoalaBrain's inputs and features are touch-compatible
  • Some areas of the application are specially optimised for touch screen retail scenarios - with larger buttons, and scrolling elements removed.
  • The PIN login, Clock In/Out, and TouchSale functions all allow an employee to quickly perform their day to day operations on a touch screen device quickly and accurately
  • If a user has only permissions for TouchSale, they will skip the main menu after logging in and be sent straight to the TouchSale screen to ensure they are able to use their terminal instantly
  • To ensure all Sales created via TouchSale get a Tax Rate, assign it to a Category and set it as the default for TouchSale. Alternatively, it's possible to enforce category selection from the configuration screen.
  • It is recommended to change your touch keyboard layout to a standard layout so that number keys are immediately available when the keyboard appears - see