• Transfers move a currency amount from either a Float or Bank Account to a different Float or Bank Account
  • Transfers can be created from the Transfers From screen on the Float and Banking panels after a Terminal or Bank Account have been selected.
  • Transfers can also be created from Payments in the right hand preview panel by clicking on the Transfers tab.  Transfers created from Payments transfer the exact amount of the Payment, moving it from one location to another.  Transfers created this way cannot be edited from the Transfers panel.
  • Transfer Method and Reason fields are available when modifying a transfer.  These selection fields can be populated with your own values using Selectables
  • Drawer, Drawee and Reference can be used to store additional information regarding the transfer, for example cheque details
  • The Destination must be set and can be either a Terminal Float or a Bank Account.  On selecting the type of destination from the dropdown, the Search Terminals or Search Bank Accounts autocomplete must be filled with a valid Terminal or Bank Account to transfer the Amount to.
  • Credits, and used credit cannot be transferred.