Upgrading Previous Installations

  • Close all running instances of KoalaBrain
  • We recommend backing up your KoalaBrain data folder before running any updates.  The easiest way to do this is to create a ZIP archive of the KoalaBrain folder in your home directory, rename it to today's date and copy it to a USB stick.
  • Be sure not to move or remove the existing KoalaBrain data folder while doing this- it contains all of your stuff!
  • On Windows and Ubuntu/Mint, download and run the latest KoalaBrain installer
  • If on Mac OS, download the latest dmg image, open it, and drag the new KoalaBrain app into the Applications folder
  • Re-Open the application.  If there are any database updates required, you will be prompted and should allow them to run.  When these are done the upgrade is complete.
  • If you have any other terminals, be sure to upgrade them as well so that all connected instances of KoalaBrain are at the same version.