• Webhooks allow KoalaBrain to communicate with your 3rd party applications when an action has occured.  
  • Webhooks can be used to augment the existing behavior of the application, for example you could have a service developed which, when a contact with a newsletter subscription is added, adds them to a mailing list
  • KoalaBrain allows you to add Webhooks which will fire after certain actions are performed.  
  • Webhooks can be triggered when the following are saved or deleted
    • Sale
    • Purchase
    • Payment
    • Expense
    • Contact
  • When one of the above actions occurs, the webhook will send a HTTP POST request to the specified URL
  • An optional HTTP Header can be specified using the HTTP Header Name and Http Header Value.  This can be used to add authentication to your webhook.
  • A webhook will not fire immediately when an item is saved.  It will wait a few seconds to see if any other changes are made before sending.  This ensures items that go through rapid changes (eg. a sale which has it's status rapidly progress as it is completed) does not needlessly fire the webhook multiple times.