Case Study - Reselling KoalaBrain Software

Introduction / Summary

ACME Phone and Computer Store wishes to start supplying their business customers with Point of Sales solutions. They wish to supply their refurbished computers as tills to their customers with the KoalaBrain Point of Sales software, as well as recycling their refurbished monitors for use as digital signage. ACME will then charge customers for ongoing support for the Point of Sales solutions they provide.

  • ACME wishes to begin reselling KoalaBrain software
    • They would like to pay less for their licenses to increase their profit on resale
  • ACME wishes for their brand to be present in the resold product
    • They can then become the first point of contact for any customer issues, increasing their billable support hours
  • ACME must comply with all local tax and regulation
Action Taken
  • License Resale
    • ACME signs up for KoalaBrain Online, and tests the solution using free trial licenses
    • Seeing that the system is right for them, ACME contacts KoalaBrain and is granted Partner Status
    • ACME can now purchase licenses at a discount, and/or in bulk for resale to their customers in their local currency
    • ACME issues it's own invoices and takes payment from the customer including any required taxes, keeping the profit from the resale of the license
  • Partnering with customers
    • ACME's customers who have existing KoalaBrain Online accounts can request that ACME become their account partner be inviting them from the Account Details screen
    • ACME can also supply a link to their own branded customer sign up form. Customers who create a KoalaBrain Online account using a branded form will automatically create a partner request for ACME
    • ACME approves the partner request from the Partner Records screen and completes the process
  • Whitelabel / Branding
    • 'Whitelabelling' is the process of applying your brand to our service
    • ACME uploads their logo and enters their support contact details into the Whitelabel screen in KoalaBrain Online
    • Their logo and details now appear in the KoalaBrain Online interface for their customers who have added their account as a partner
    • A unique link is supplied so that they ACME provide a whitelabelled / branded experience to prospective customers
    • The KoalaBrain desktop software is also branded installation. ACME's brand now appears on their customers desktops whenever KoalaBrain runs
  • Partner Package Calculator
    • ACME creates a Package Calculator and supplies this link to customers so that they can see the costs involved in purchasing a Point of Sales System from ACME
    • ACME includes their resale price for the license, as well as hardware and support prices
    • This allows the customer to see the price involved for the number of tills, support hours, etc, supplied by ACME in a branded experience
  • Partner Resources
    • ACME downloads the partner resources, and adds KoalaBrain's logos to his website to show they are a reseller of the product
    • ACME adds their company details to our templates to supply their own KoalaBrain promotional materials
  • Offering Support
    • ACME decided to use KoalaBrain in their own retail store to ensure their ongoing familiarity with the product.
    • This allows them to quickly assist their customers, while they also receive the benefits of using a KoalaBrain retail system to manage their business
Results / Observations
  • ACME now collects resale profits for providing KoalaBrain solutions to their customers
  • The ACME brand now appears inside the desktop and online KoalaBrain applications, cementing their stance as the supplier of IT support and embedding them in their customers business
  • ACME is able to re-purpose their refurbished IT hardware for use as affordable Point of Sales solutions