KoalaBrain Online Partner Features

Partner Records
  • View users who have added you as their Partner, and approve new requests
Partner Voucher
  • On request, partner vouchers can be issued.  These will provide a fixed discount to all licenses regardless of quantity, duration, and client count.
  • These vouchers can be used to purchase licenses for internal use, or larger deployments by IT departments.
Resale Checkout / 10 Pack
  • Purchase 10 licenses at a discount for resale to your customers
  • These are 12 month licenses, for 3 connected terminals per deployment
  • After purchase, licenses from the 10 pack can be assigned to users who have added you as their partner
Package Calculators
  • Create your own KoalaBrain packages incorporating your own products and support services, and supply a link to your customers so they can tailor the quantity of each and receive a price quote.